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Our Artisans

Jewelry production

Our jewelry artisans are located in Zhejiang, one of the richest provinces of China. We're uncompromisable in finding a manufacturer who could produce small collections at fair cost and who still works with precious metals such as silver and gold.

📍Zhejiang, China

The making of Plated Jewelry

Our manufacturer has superior quality platings and excellent skill to make our design dreams come true. Our artisans work with PVD platings which means the plating is vaporized into the base metal. The difference with other platings is that PVD prevents discoloration and oxidation because water, fragrance and body oils simply cannot reach the base material. It is so well covered and mixed in with precious metals that you get the quality of solid silver and gold for a fraction of it's price.

In the atelier they practice fair work conditions and get paid accordingly. In working with our artisans we can prevent deadstock and unsold collections whilst still offering beautiful jewelry at fair pricing.

How to take care of your plated jewelry

Garment production

Our garments are made in Portugal. Portugal is known for quality workmanship, respecting working conditions, premium fabrics research and to improve on knowledge and technology. These factories follow European laws and policies regarding labour relations practices. All of our production partners contribute to sustainability standards and work with GOTS, BCI and OEKO-TEX certified materials.

📍Varzéa - Barcelos, Portugal

The making of our Suits

Founded in 1981 this manufacturer started out as a small family clothing manufacturer focusing on the production of women's garments. It is located in the north of Portugal, a region with an extensive textile tradition.

Their vision is to supply top-quality women's clothing on a global basis. They work with the best raw materials and are continuous investing in cutting-edge technologies. They regard social responsibility as a corporate duty, reason for which they work towards improving the society in which we are active. Their conduct is geared to social and environmental issues and sustainable development policies.

📍Pereira - Braga, Portugal

The making of our Sweats

This partner is founded in 1986 as a family business.They have been manufacturing premium garments for the most respectable global fashion brands. Located inPereira, district of Braga, this factory has been producing women’s clothing for more than 35 years. Recognized for it's continuous and consistent growth with a team of young and qualified professionals.

Learn about our fabrics

📍Porto, Portugal

The making of our Caps

This manufacturing partner was founded by two cousins who had a common passion and interest for custom caps and the art of embroidery. What started as a passion project turned out into a professional business producing custom caps. 

They are essentially focussed on the superior quality of each piece, as well as the graphic difference with other brands. "Trying to escape the visual saturation of this exciting market."